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Creative Artwork


Carl is currently working as a Creative Artworker across London specialising in both print and digital. Programs used: Miro, Figma, Creative Suite (mainly Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects), Powerpoint, Keynote.

Currently focusing on: Logo refinement and format delivery, brand colour grading / conversions/ refinement, icon refinement / generation, artwork for social media (static and animated) / digital, artwork for web, artwork for very large format OOH printed graphics. Other projects I have recently worked on include museum graphic design / artwork, large format gallery illustration/ design/ artwork (Sea Life - Ocean Invaders exhibition, London) signage, presentation artwork, Figma refinement artwork, photo re-touching and enhancing, UX design development.

Quick note: I've been very busy working exclusively as a Creative Artworker since 2021 and haven't had time to update this site since then. Please call back and hopefully I'll have uploaded some beautiful artwork to show you!


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Artwork for Harrison Frasier / Hornby

Screenshot 2023-11-02 at 20.40.23.png

Ensured all artwork was set up correctly for large format print - made for Hornby Wonder Works exhibition / museum in Margate Link to website

Design: Harrison Frasier

Colour and brand element testing for Design Studio


Colour testing of design elements and conversion to closest CMYK equivalents using Pantone process colour comparison and other techniques. Establishing optimum sizes for logo, type and line widths for digital and CMYK print.  Editing patterns and fine tuning graphic vector elements for final artwork. Providing final brand elements artwork in all formats for digital and print following best practices - artwork for Design Studio. Brand elements designed by Design Studio

Various annual Christmas card animations ( view here ) with Eisner Design here

Magnet 2.jpg
Magnet 1.jpg
Magnet 3.jpg

Providing external and internal wayfinding/ signage print ready artwork and wall graphics artwork for all new Magnet stores whilst working for 20:20. Ensuring best practice with artwork and suppling to the printer as per printers specific requirements. - Design 20:20. Link to view project here 


Website for concept artist - design and artwork

Powerpoint artwork, animation and partial design

f1 book.jpg

Formula 1 simple animation and brochure, concept development stage


Preparing artwork to be print ready for the walls, floors, windows and interior print matter for Google Pixel's ' World of Magic' pop up in Piccadilly Circus. Ensuring everything is provided to the printer as required. Design: Amplify. Link to view project: here


Carl was delighted to work closely with Sea Life to design, illustrate and artwork the look and feel for their latest addition to their aquarium in central London.

The Ocean Invaders gallery is divided into three zones and is mostly lit with UV light. Charming interactive games, beautiful jellyfish tanks and immersive graphics take the spectator into a full on jellyfish swarm!

42778_BYLN_GBL_Refer someone_1200x350px_2(1).jpg
Screenshot 2021-11-22 at 19.10.58.png

Creative digital and print artwork for Babylon Health. Colour correcting images, layout, optimising images for best practice for digital and print. Delivery of final artwork for social media / web campaigns. Powerpoint presentation design and artwork for CEO and other directors. Advertising and direct mailer designs which boosted customer interest. Creative artwork and design support. Simple animated web brand communications.


Creative digital and print artwork for Colour correcting images, layout, optimising images for best practice for digital and print. Delivery of final artwork for social media / web campaigns. Working with best practices outputting to PNG, SVG, JPG, PDF, AI

Design-_Studio 2.jpg


Colour management and conversion to closest CMYK equivalents using Pantone process colour comparison and other techniques. Logo, type, line width - establishing optimum sizes for digital and CMYK print. Roll out of all brand elements following best practices outputting to PNG, SVG, JPG, PDF, AI, EPS. Design: Design Studio. Link to project: here



Creative artwork for Amplify - Google Pixel. 

01-Routes 2017 - Graphic B to G_260x240cm_Page_1.jpg


Creative artwork for Pulse Group. Preparing for print many exhibition stands for Pulse Group - some very large format. 

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